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Nick Warren - StoryHacker

Nick Warren
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I'm Nick. I help leaders
tell stories that connect, inspire and persuade. With 20 years experience as a Managing Director, my work is swift, strategic & fully guaranteed.

People who tell better stories, get better lives (manifesto).

The leaders, brands and businesses we love... tell better stories. Here's why:

  • Humans are wired for story
    Your clients are already telling stories. Smart leaders harness that and take control of their narrative.
  • Great Copywriting makes a (chemical) difference
    Conversion happens because great writers know how to trigger attention (Cortisol), trust (Oxytocin) and action (Dopamine).
  • Your business strategy is a funnel (that can be tested)
    Copy is the easiest way to test new ideas, new approaches and new positioning. In ads, in landing pages, in offers, in emails.
Your Business – My Skillset

My Core Skills: Copy. Story. Strategy.

My Strategy Is Pretty Simple:
Build Long-term Partnerships With Great Clients.

Thomas Power

Thomas Power Futurist & Board Member

"The time I have spent with Nick has been transformational.  

Releasing your BackStory is incredibly liberating both emotionally and commercially. Magical."

Kim Adele

Kim Platts Interim CEO & Consultant

"Nick has a unique ability to really understand your story and re-tell it in an engaging, inspiring and compelling way. I can't recommend him highly enough, if you are looking to engage your audience."

Luke Murfitt - UK Entrepreneur Of The Year

Luke Murfitt
Entrepreneur Of The Year 

"The speech Nick wrote brilliantly captured my voice and my message, but his value goes deeper than that. His business focus means he's always thinking three steps ahead on your behalf. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

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