Smart Leaders have: • An authentic origin story • That creates career momentum • Hooks, connects and persuades • For profiles, speeches, social and more

Humans are driven by stories, and that's as true in business as anywhere else. You've seen how smart leaders use stories to build their profile, persuasion and profit.

But these aren't just any stories; they are stories with intention, direction and power.

The only problem is that telling great stories is harder than it looks. We know one when we hear one, but writing one down can be difficult.

Especially our own.

Which isn't surprising. Most of us were never taught how to do it, and the closest we get is our LinkedIn profile, or the potted bio written by a PR agency. But this isn't storytelling … and it rarely delivers the attention or drama required to cut through the noise.

And this is life. It should be more than a puff piece.

The legend process goes deeper. We work backwards, starting with your current goal, then building a dramatic, resonant story that drives towards it.

This is NOT an autobiography. It's about creating stories with intention, direction and power. Stories that draw on your past to build your future and connect to people who can help.

How It Works Get Your Legend is a simple, systematic process.

  • Simple Questionaire: I send you 3 Core Questions to consider.
  • Relaxed Interview: We talk for 60-90 minutes by phone, video or in-person. I ask a lot of questions and make a lot of notes.
  • Story Building: I write a draft (and share it as a Google Doc).
  • Feedback loop: You respond, and we refine until it's perfect.  

The main process (steps 2-4) generally happens over 3 - 5 days.

What you get Your story may be up to 1,000 words, but generally, I aim for less.

Why? Because the goal is to create a flexible epic - something you can adapt to all kinds of uses. Profiles. Presentations. Face-to-face networking.

Creating your legend is similar to creating professional brand design guidelines, it's the application that matters. That's why the story format is free-flowing and flexible. See example.

Leveraging your story

You can see details of how the stories can be deployed here, but here are a few examples:

  • Gives your About Page real resonance
  • Builds your credibility in pitches and presentations
  • Grabs the audience when you are on stage
  • Engages in networking or conversation
  • Creates a BIO that people actually read
  • Provides hooks for posts, videos & tweetstorms  

In other words – it's written so you can tell it, tweet it or share it. That means no filler. No sidetracks. No long, breathless paragraphs.

Just your story, told with attention, direction and power.

Costs and Options

  • Get Your Legend (as above): £995 ex VAT
  • Existing Story Review (see below): £495 ex VAT 
  • Hourly Rate (Copywriting/Consultancy): £150 ex VAT  

Your guarantee All my work is covered by my 1997 guarantee. If you aren't happy for any reason, you don't pay.

Got questions? Great... let's talk.

Recent Clients

Thomas Power

Thomas Power Futurist + Board Member. Also see StoryHacker 129.

Kim Adele

Kim Adele The journey from hairdresser to C-Suite.

Availability I schedule just 1 or 2 projects a week, so slots are limited.

The 1997 Guarantee ALL my work is covered by this simple guarantee – if you aren't happy for any reason, you don't pay.

Your Story Means Business - Atom

Existing Story Review 

You've already got your story, but it's not working for you. Here's how I can help.

  • Send me your story/web page/profile via email or WhatsApp +00 44 7976836506.
  • We'll have a 15 - 30 minute call (by phone or video), to discuss your story.
  • If you decide to proceed, I'll work for 2-3 hours (making changes and recommendations as appropriate).
  • 15 - 30 minute catch-up call to review recommendations.

The cost for this service is £495 ex VAT. All work is covered by my 1997 guarantee.

Got questions? Please ask.