I believe that people who tell better stories get better lives, so StoryHacker is here for anyone who isn't able to work with me. Topics range from business strategy to branding, storytelling to neuroscience.

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  • Over 90 videos on strategy, storytelling and business
  • Practical tools to build brand, business, profile and profits.
  • Worked through examples from TV, movies and fiction.
  • The science and psychology that make this work. 

StoryHackers are everywhere. In management, marketing, parenting and persuasion. They understand that humans are storytelling animals - that telling a powerful tale is a primal skill whatever you're into.

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StoryHacker (noun): Anyone who deliberately deploys the science of storytelling to influence the power, perception or meaning of their message.

Who (the hell) does
Nick Warren think he is?

Good question. I ran a digital agency for 20 years then sold it to write fiction and build a this new business. I've also...

  • Sailed through New York City in a Hurricane.
  • Got shipwrecked in the Caribbean.
  • Built a worldwide business (without advertising).
  • Wore pyjamas (by mistake) to a Mensa IQ Test (and got in).
  • Blagged my way through police interrogation.
  • Directed a TV ad for a flag-carrier airline.  

I'm currently working on my third novel, my consultancy business, and helping anyone tell better stories.

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I'm friendly ... and kind of working this StoryHacker thing out as I go. Let's have a conversation.