Hello. I help smart leaders tell better stories about their beliefs, business or personal brand.

With over 20 years experience as a copywriter and Managing Director, my work is swift, strategic & fully guaranteed.

Nick Warren - StoryHacker
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60 Minutes on Your Story
ex VAT. Guaranteed.)

We spend an hour on Zoom, talking through your story and finding the golden thread. This is perfect for anyone who is looking to access expertise, insight and strategy ... but would prefer to write the story themselves.

If the conversation leads to any further work (e.g. The Story Funnel below), the cost of this session is deducted from the price. To book a session, Contact Me.

The Story Funnel

Working with leaders means that much of my time is spent copywriting and speechwriting, but these journeys start in the Story Funnel ... which has three options.


Your Value Proposition (£295 ex VAT. Guaranteed.)

A core message for you or your business (approx 15-25 words).

The Value Proposition (level 1) may not be a story in the traditional sense, but it acts as a hook and a filter. For example, I might say something like:

 I help real leaders tell stories that build attention, credibility and trust ... without resorting to cheap tricks and manipulation.

This type of statement will trigger a question in your mind – Do I care about this?  Most people won’t – and that’s good. Value propositions are as much about filtering out the wrong audience as attracting the right one. In my case, I only work with leaders who value these things, so anyone too interested in dark arts of copywriting is filtered out.

But the rest – those who wish to build attention, credibility and trust, want to know more. This triggers what I call The Default Question.

Is this person worth my time?

Or, to put it another way – Can this person deliver?

To discuss your Value Proposition, contact me.


Your 90-Second Story (£995 ex VAT. Guaranteed.)

The answer to the default question - see above (approx 250 words).

Whether you are in the boardroom, on-stage or in an interview, the 90-Second Story (level 2) is your first answer to that question. These are the most common types of business stories we work with because they are so flexible. You might think of it as your stump speech, a short story that positions you, your value and your direction at the current time.

Here’s a simple example, coded for subtext.

To discuss your 90-Second Story, contact me.

Nick Warren - Draft Ninety-Second Story


Your Leader Legend (£1,995 ex VAT. Guaranteed.)

Your vision/inspiration/direction story (1,000+ words).

The final level of the funnel, The Leader Legend, is the most strategic. These are generally origin stories – of people, businesses or products – and represent a kind of foundation. Value Propositions and 90-Second Stories may change, but the Leader Legend lasts.

That’s because it goes deeper.

The legend is not an autobiography, but it can be personal and vulnerable. Most importantly, it’s a story that channels intention, direction and power.

We look at your long term goal then work backwards to build a dramatic story arc that drives towards it. This requires the three critical skills of story, strategy and copywriting, and the result can be transformational. I’ve seen clients use these for public profiles, magazine articles, book submissions and keynote speeches.

To discuss your leader legend, or see an example, contact me.

My Strategy Is Pretty Simple:
Build Long-term Partnerships With Great Clients.

Thomas Power

Thomas Power Futurist & Board Member

"The time I have spent with Nick has been transformational.  

Releasing your BackStory is incredibly liberating both emotionally and commercially. Magical."

Kim Adele

Kim Platts Interim CEO & Consultant

"Nick has a unique ability to really understand your story and re-tell it in an engaging, inspiring and compelling way. I can't recommend him highly enough, if you are looking to engage your audience."

Luke Murfitt - UK Entrepreneur Of The Year

Luke Murfitt
Entrepreneur Of The Year 

"The speech Nick wrote brilliantly captured my voice and my message, but his value goes deeper than that. His business focus means he's always thinking three steps ahead on your behalf. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

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